Flying above the Lake

Olivier François Ausoni is the proud sponsor of the new V2 flying Catamaran prototype.

The Bol d’Or 2019 offer a real-life test on the water for the crew made of Clarin Mustad, Thierry Froidevaux, Lucien Cujean and Gregoire Siegwart on the first and only T-foils catamaran

on Lake Geneva this weekend: the V2 T-Foils – Ausoni (SUI1).

A revolutionary 28-foot flying catamaran, the result of the latest  technological developments used in the America’s Cup, will start at the Bol d’Or Mirabaud 2019 this Saturday, 15th June.
With more than 130 m2 of sails upwind and a weight of 550 kg, the V2 T-Foils is revolutionary with its T-foils, which are controlled by an exclusive and intelligent system of stability management and height control flight: the ‘OnFly Control®’.

It is thus the first catamaran of this type in the world, successor of the famous Ventilo M2.
The flying catamaran V2 T-Foils is entirely conceived, realized and developed by Csystem and its designer Christian Favre with the expertise of Martin Fisher for the design of the foils,
Pure Design-Giovani Belgrano and Numerical Hydrodynamics.
The V2 T-Foils opens a new era, explores new ways … and is unveiled today for the first time to perfect its development and its development.