Two renowned Lausanne stores, Olivier François Ausoni and Bucherer, are to co-exist for a few months at no. 5 Place Saint-François, thereby bringing together the finest brands in ready-to-wear, watches and high-end jewellery within a single not-to-be-missed boutique.

The Olivier François Ausoni boutique is opening its doors today in a spirit of renewal following the second closure due to the public health crisis, during which the premises were refreshed and refurbished to accommodate a Bucherer Pop-Up store. In addition to elegant ready-to-wear and leather goods, an area is now dedicated to some 15 watch and jewellery brands – among which Rolex plays a predominant role – represented by the Lucerne-based retailer, as well as a section dedicated to “certified pre-owned” watches.

This cohabitation represents a real return to its roots for Bucherer, whose store located on the Rue de Bourg is undergoing renovation work due to last until autumn. When the watch and jewellery company settled in Lausanne in 1973, it occupied part of the premises alongside the Ausoni family in the prestigious building at no. 5 Place Saint-François, which had been based at this address since 1954.

The bar on the ground floor of the Ausoni store bears witness to this period, with a wall featuring vestiges of the frame of the old safe that used to house Bucherer’s timepieces. When Bucherer moved to Rue de Bourg in 1995, Olivier François Ausoni expanded its sales area, which now extends over four floors dedicated to high-end fashion.

In addition to a common past, Ausoni and Bucherer are equally drawn together by a set of strong shared values. Steeped in tradition, both these Swiss family businesses are renowned for their excellent service and products. Personal shoppers, free home delivery, alterations in the tailoring workshop (almost unique in Switzerland!), and, from today, watch repairs by an experienced watchmaker are among the customised services offered in the Ausoni boutique to their mostly local and extremely loyal clientele.

Whether it is changes due to the development of e-commerce or the public health crisis, current events are driving retailers to adopt a perpetually inventive approach in order to survive. Lea and Leo Ausoni, who represent the fourth generation of the family business opened more than a century ago, demonstrate consistent creativity in their drive to ensure the sustainability of their points of sale. The creation of LeaandLeo, their own handcrafted ready-to-wear brand in Europe; the 2016 launch of an e-shop dedicated to unbeatable one-off offers; the tireless search for new trends and exclusive products; as well as frequent collaborations with brands whose values they share – such as Mercedes, Ligne Roset, Missoni Home, Porsche Design, Manuel, Perego Cars, Knie, Green Up, Indian Motorcycle, and now Bucherer – all testify to their constant dynamism.


Text by Sophie Jäggi
Ameia Communications