The Art of Craftsmanship

Rodo is a leather goods and footwear manufacturer based in Mogliano Marche, in Italy, with a history spanning over more than fifty years. The first model released by Rodo was a wicker basket, very fashionable in the 50s and still relevant today. Indeed, straw and wicker bags are the must-haves of fashionistas this season! The company has since expanded its range of products and focused its attention on high-end accessories mainly made of leather, wicker and often decorated with rhinestones or semi-precious stones depending on the model.


Rodo manufactures all his items in his own workshops in Italy, and thanks to his unique expertise he is often asked by other prestigious houses for the development of bags and shoes collections. The Dori family, at the head of the Rodo company since its beginning, shares the values ​​that Olivier François Ausoni wishes to transmit since its creation in 1906, namely quality, originality and exclusivity. A successful collaboration between the two families, since the craftsmen of Rodo have been creating accessories for the Ausoni brand for more than 10 years, including bags, wallets, and shoes.


Since the origin of the articles has always been an essential criterion in the selection of the Olivier François Ausoni range, the ‘Made in Italy’ has a historical significance that is very important to them, just like the ‘Made in France’ and ‘Made in Great Britain ‘, the other two major producing countries in their collections.


Saturday, May 26, 2018 a Rodo craftsman was invited to the Olivier François Ausoni boutique in Lausanne, to show the art of weaving to amazed customers. The craftsman made a bag from A to Z in front of the eyes of his spectators, in just a few hours.